Water Damage: Avoiding a Mold Growth

Moisture accumulation is the major cause of mold growth. There are some advantages of molds like it helps in decomposition of organic matter but its disadvantages usually overweigh its merits. Hidden mold is more damaging than the visible one. Mold grows especially on the carpets, floors and backsides of drywalls. Sometimes molds can be toxic but usually it is allergenic and causes respiratory problems. Complete eradication of mold spores is not possible however some steps can be taken in order to prevent homes and buildings from mold growth. Moisture control is the very simple key to solve the problem of mold growth but let us see some more preventer measures.

  • No home can be made mold proof but one can easily identify the areas in which the mold problem is present. If those areas are left unchecked then mold growth can increase rapidly and then your cost of fixing the problem will also rise.
  • Without moisture, it is impossible for mold to grow. So check out the moist places and items of your home and then try to dry these areas and items.
  • Your home or building must be properly ventilated and air circulation through them must be adequate so that the moisture cannot help in mold growth. ¬†Moisture sensitive areas must be dried immediately through los angeles water damage. Do not put wet clothes in washing machines. Try to hang them outside in sunlight and air so that they can be dried. Use an exhaust fan in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Mold resistant products must be used in order to prevent the homes from mole growth. Mole resistant products are drywalls, mod resistant sheetrock and mold inhibitors for paints.
  • Indoor humidity should be maintained at a normal level of 30-60%. Humidity is measured with the help of a moisture meter.
  • Water is collected in the basements of homes and buildings if the slope is not proper between the ground around the home and the foundation of your home.
  • Leaking roofs are also a major cause of the mold growth and leaking roofs must be repaired.
  • If a building or a home is properly ventilated and air circulation is adequate then mold growth can be prevented. 8. Improve air flow in your home.
  • The indoor plants are a major cause of mold growth because their moist soil is the best place for molds to grow. These plants can be kept but with some precautions. The ¬†water you give to your plant must have some amount of taheebo tea that can cause hindrance in mold growth.