Repairing of Rotten Door Jambs and Brick Mold

The flood or the heavy rains can damage all the household items of your home. These may include carpets, curtains, drywall, furniture, ceilings, and gardens, structure of the building and the door and their casings. The water damage restoration is an easy job but sometimes it requires special instruments, equipments and techniques. In such cases the restoration must be carried out under the guidance of a professional and expert. Hiring the services of an expert will help you to restore the water damaged items easily and quickly so call los angeles water damage restoration. Sometimes if you carry restoration process at your own then you can further damage your items and allow the mold to grow on the water damaged items. Mold requires moist and damp atmosphere to grow and if the items have prolonged exposure to the water or moisture then mold growth can occur. This will ruin all the items and will also affect your health. In short the mold growth can worsen the situation that has already been ruined by the water. Among the household items brick mold on exterior door can be damaged by the rain water or flood. It can also rot the door jamb. This problem can be solved and repaired by following these steps,

Replacement of damaged brick mold door casing:

  • A sharp knife should be used to cut through the caulking that was holding the brick mold
  • A flat pry bar should be used to pry off the damaged brick mold
  • A piece of solid vinyl door casing should be cut in a proper length
  • Holes should be drilled in the vinyl brick mold

Repairing of water damaged door jamb:

  • Water damaged wood should be removed from the door jamb
  • Openings should be filled in by the hardware cloth or folded wire mesh and secure it with the help of screws
  • Now two-part wood filler or auto body filler should be mixed
  • Cavities must be filled in with this filler by using a putty knife
  • Let the filler be set for some time
  • Remove extra filler with help of sharp chisel
  • If gaps are still there, apply more filler to fill those gaps
  • Let this filler be dry for a night or two
  • After this apply a good primer to the surface
  • In the end apply two coats of a good exterior paint of your own choice



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