Flood restoration and water damage: Business Strategies

Flood restoration companies and the los angeles flooding repair sometimes have no or very little business for a couple of months. People call them for little damages like pipe leakages etc.  When floods hit or the heavy rain falls then their offices are crowded with the clients and their phone calls. The demand of their business suddenly rises in the flood seasons and during heavy rains.

Here we would discuss some business strategies that can help to highlight your restoration business. If you follow these strategies, there are a lot more chances that people will know about your business and will call you for your services.

Build up the business: media selection for ads

The one way is to give your ads in newspapers. This is an effective way to highlight and promote your business. Some companies and individual service givers do newspaper and radio advertising. This strategy is not always successful because people do not call them for carpet and furniture cleaning on regular basis. So these people forget about the newspaper ads when flood damages their home. The solution to this problem is giving ads in yellow pages and the other way is the insurance agents. The insurance agents and companies are a way of promoting and highlighting a business.

Time for the response

This is very important strategy because time matters a lot. If for a flood damage restoration, you get late then the mold growth and other damages after water damage may become severe. So the water damage restoration company must respond in time. They must be available every time like fire brigades.

Strategy for different types of water

There are three categories of the water that might cause damage. These include,

  • Clean water
  • Gray water
  • Black water

The water damage does not depend on the color of the water rather on the amount of contaminants that are present in the water. The water damage caused by the black water is more severe as compared to clean and gray water. The strategy of the company for restoration of damages caused by these three types of water must be very clear. The strategies depends upon these,

  • The restoration of damage by clean water is easy and it only needs soaking of the water and its drying
  • The restoration of damage by gray water depends upon the materials that are damaged by the water
  • The restoration of damage by black water is not easy and is very costly because most of the times items damaged by the black water must have to be discarded



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