If wood doors are not sealed properly then their wood may rot. In case of floods, heavy rains or other water damaged the wooden doors are damaged by the water and if they are not sealed then the damage can become severe. They must be properly sealed while installation. If your door gets damaged by water then it is not necessary then you must have to replace it. You can repair your water damaged door because wooden things can easily be repaired after the los angeles water damage. The ordinary and slight water damages can be fixed with help of sealant but the severe water damages cannot be fixed with sealant. This is because the damage has been reached to the core of the door and you have to cut off the damaged portion and replace it. Here we would discuss some instructions regarding fixation of water damaged doors through sealant. Severely damaged doors have only one solution i.e. replacement.

Things you will need for the fixation of the water damaged door with sealant are,

  • Chisel
  • Sandpaper(medium grit)
  • Wood epoxy water sealant

Instructions for repairing

Following instructions must be followed while repairing a water damaged door.

Instruction no: 1

Removal of dirt

First of all remove the dirt and dust from the damaged surface. This can be done with help of a chisel. Problem is created if the ground-in dirt will be sealed in the wood. You have to make surface of the door clean and clear from any scrap and debris.

Instruction no: 2

Sand the area

Now use a medium grit sandpaper to sand the area that has been cleaned from dirt and debris. In this way sealant would grip better on the clean surface. Sandpaper can also be used to smooth the damaged surfaces.

Instruction no: 3

Apply the sealant

After this a wood epoxy sealant should be applied on the surface with help of a paint brush. Initially apply a thin coat of the sealant and leave it to dry. Leave it for at least 2-4 hours and then apply another coat and repeat the procedure.

Instruction no: 4

Painting the door

Now after application of sealant to the door, a good exterior latex paint should be coated on the surface. Sanding will also damage the paint of the door so it is advisable to paint the entire door in one color. Good quality paint will repel the water and further los angeles water damage.



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