Water Damage and Homes

Flood water can damage many of things especially homes. If water comes to the unwanted places in your homes then precious possessions can be spoiled. With some pre cautionary measures this damage can be avoided or minimized.  Home furniture and carpets can be saved from water damage but electronics sensitive and quickly damaged

Flood water should not be treated lightly, not even if it’s a few inches deep or just damp. This is because for mold breeding, damp and watery places are a like heaven. Mold growth damages the interior of your home in a number of ways. It can ruin the furniture, walls and carpet. More ever it can affect the air quality and consequently respiratory problems arise. So the key to keep your home healthy and clean is preventing it from mold. Here are some basic home remedies for the flooded areas of your home.

Disconnecting Power

First of all power of the home must be disconnected especially if the water level reaches above the sockets. After this the moveable items like furniture carpets and electronic devices must be removed immediately. This immediate removal can help you to protect your valuable items from water damage. The small rugs and the carpets must be pulled up to save them from water. Afterwards the carpets and rugs might be washed easily. The under padding however cannot be saved. This is because of its sponge like nature and high water absorption capacity.

Mopping the Water

After making an attempt to save the physical items and electronics you must think to get rid of water instantly. In this scenario the use of old towels and mops can help you a lot. You can also drain the water through buckets. The extra water can be easily poured into the lawn or any other surface area that is porous. Another device that can help you in soaking the water is wet/dry vacuum. But this vacuum must be plugged into a socket that is not near the water and avoid using extension cords because they can cause a severe shock. To get rid of water as soon as possible is very important because the damp and watery places are best for mold growth.


After mopping up all of the water you should now try to make the affected areas dry. This can be done with the help of fans and dryers and dehumidifiers. If rain has stopped then you must open your windows to let the air in and circulate. This will automatically dry the areas.


After drying is done a good disinfectant must be used in order to get rid of bacteria and germs. Each and every corner of the house must be disinfected including the furniture and the carpets with the help of  los angeles emergency restoration service. This will also help in preventing the mold growth.

Disposing of the Damaged Items

At the end you must pile up the damaged items and try to dispose of them as soon as possible. You can also take these items to the recycling centers.



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