Mold Removal: by using Natural Methods

Mold growth in homes can be hazardous for health because mold is allergenic and sometimes even toxic.  So it should be removed as soon as possible. There are many ways of cleaning up the mold. Here we would discuss the natural methods to remove the mold from homes. 5 methods are given below,

Method 1: With help of Hydrogen peroxide

Killing the mold with hydrogen peroxide is the effective and safest way as it is nontoxic. For cleaning up you have to fill 3% hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and spray it on to the affected surface. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wipe off the surface. Now enjoy the mold free surface.

Method 2: with help of Tea-tree Oil

Tea tree oil is naturally a fungicide and it is very good option for the removal of black mold. It can be used on all types of surfaces. It is an effective and natural way of mold removal. Mix tea tree oil with water and spray the mixture with help of a spray bottle onto the affected surface. Rinsing off the surface is not necessary.

Method 3: with help of Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract is also natural way of mold removal. It is used in a small amount (20 drops on 2 cups of water). Spray this solution and get a mold free surface. Do not rinse off the surface.

Method 4: with help of Vinegar

Vinegar is another natural product that can be used for the cleanup of mold. Saturated pure vinegar is needed to clean the heavy and bigger mold spots and light molds can be cleaned up with the help of diluted vinegar. Vinegar can be used to remove mold even from wood and carpets. The procedure is same for the vinegar as for the other products mentioned above.

Method 5: with help of Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural and effective mold cleaner. It is suitable for both porous and non-porous materials. A mixture of quarter tea spoon and 2 cups of water is made and then sprayed onto the moldy area. Now scrub it with the help of a brush and rinse the area. If mold grows again, then repeat the procedure accordingly.

All above mentioned products are natural and effective for cleaning up of mold from your home. You can use any one of them for removing the allergenic molds anytime but los angeles mold remediation.



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