Repairing of Rotten Door Jambs and Brick Mold

The flood or the heavy rains can damage all the household items of your home. These may include carpets, curtains, drywall, furniture, ceilings, and gardens, structure of the building and the door and their casings. The water damage restoration is an easy job but sometimes it requires special instruments, equipments and techniques. In such cases the restoration must be carried out under the guidance of a professional and expert. Hiring the services of an expert will help you to restore the water damaged items easily and quickly so call los angeles water damage restoration. Sometimes if you carry restoration process at your own then you can further damage your items and allow the mold to grow on the water damaged items. Mold requires moist and damp atmosphere to grow and if the items have prolonged exposure to the water or moisture then mold growth can occur. This will ruin all the items and will also affect your health. In short the mold growth can worsen the situation that has already been ruined by the water. Among the household items brick mold on exterior door can be damaged by the rain water or flood. It can also rot the door jamb. This problem can be solved and repaired by following these steps,

Replacement of damaged brick mold door casing:

  • A sharp knife should be used to cut through the caulking that was holding the brick mold
  • A flat pry bar should be used to pry off the damaged brick mold
  • A piece of solid vinyl door casing should be cut in a proper length
  • Holes should be drilled in the vinyl brick mold

Repairing of water damaged door jamb:

  • Water damaged wood should be removed from the door jamb
  • Openings should be filled in by the hardware cloth or folded wire mesh and secure it with the help of screws
  • Now two-part wood filler or auto body filler should be mixed
  • Cavities must be filled in with this filler by using a putty knife
  • Let the filler be set for some time
  • Remove extra filler with help of sharp chisel
  • If gaps are still there, apply more filler to fill those gaps
  • Let this filler be dry for a night or two
  • After this apply a good primer to the surface
  • In the end apply two coats of a good exterior paint of your own choice


Flood restoration and water damage: Business Strategies

Flood restoration companies and the los angeles flooding repair sometimes have no or very little business for a couple of months. People call them for little damages like pipe leakages etc.  When floods hit or the heavy rain falls then their offices are crowded with the clients and their phone calls. The demand of their business suddenly rises in the flood seasons and during heavy rains.

Here we would discuss some business strategies that can help to highlight your restoration business. If you follow these strategies, there are a lot more chances that people will know about your business and will call you for your services.

Build up the business: media selection for ads

The one way is to give your ads in newspapers. This is an effective way to highlight and promote your business. Some companies and individual service givers do newspaper and radio advertising. This strategy is not always successful because people do not call them for carpet and furniture cleaning on regular basis. So these people forget about the newspaper ads when flood damages their home. The solution to this problem is giving ads in yellow pages and the other way is the insurance agents. The insurance agents and companies are a way of promoting and highlighting a business.

Time for the response

This is very important strategy because time matters a lot. If for a flood damage restoration, you get late then the mold growth and other damages after water damage may become severe. So the water damage restoration company must respond in time. They must be available every time like fire brigades.

Strategy for different types of water

There are three categories of the water that might cause damage. These include,

  • Clean water
  • Gray water
  • Black water

The water damage does not depend on the color of the water rather on the amount of contaminants that are present in the water. The water damage caused by the black water is more severe as compared to clean and gray water. The strategy of the company for restoration of damages caused by these three types of water must be very clear. The strategies depends upon these,

  • The restoration of damage by clean water is easy and it only needs soaking of the water and its drying
  • The restoration of damage by gray water depends upon the materials that are damaged by the water
  • The restoration of damage by black water is not easy and is very costly because most of the times items damaged by the black water must have to be discarded


As the winter period gets into full swing, questions about water harm in your house are likely to enter any answerable homeowner’s mind. But whether it’s a brimming dishwasher, a leaky roof, or bursting pipes, the first questions we always get here are “How appalling is the damage?” and “Will it be compensated?”

Knowing the lessons of water damage is the foremost place to start for homeowners and indemnity agents alike. Only once you know what kind of los angeles water damage you have will you able to decide what kind of coverage you have and how protected your home is. But before we get to classes of water damage, you need to know to know the classes of water.

Classes of Water

According to the some Organization, there are mainly three classes of water: Clean Water, Black water and Gray Water. These categories illustrate the state of the water in your home on a scale from hygienic drinking water to highly poisonous unhygienic water. Clean Water is water that is in a straight line from the starting place, whether that’s a machine, a deliver line, or climate precipitation. The thing to keep in mind is that Clean Water can become quickly become Gray or Black if a water harm condition is not dealt hurriedly.

Gray Water is usually the result of spread out of water from a piece of equipment like a lavatory . Gray Water can be particularly dangerous in that homeowners often miscalculate how quickly Gray Water can turn to a disgustingly tainted Black Water. Don’t be the landowner who just mops up what they can and lets the snippets immerse into the surfaces of their home.

As you can probably presume by now, Black Water is what you want to keep away from at all costs. This highly unhygienic water has spent a lot of time away from its resource and is quite often staying water that has started to host microbial enlargement. This is not something you desire in your home.

Classes of los angeles Water Damage

These four categories allow us to portray the real harm that is being done to your home and helps you depict the situation to both us here and to your indemnity company. We all have to be well aware of the water damage and its categories. In order to remove them we must call a specialized expert from a company.





Water can damage the wooden items in your home. Water damage to wooden items can be categorized in different classes. Here we would discuss the los angeles water damage to wood, its types and some solutions and prevention tips. The damage to wood can be extensive in nature. Sometimes damage is visible and easy to spot but sometimes it is hidden also.

Types of water damage to the wooden items


Following are some different types of water damage to the wooden items. These include,

  • Dry rot
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Fungus
  • Buckling
  • Crowning
  • Cupping

All of these damages are not good for the items and you should try to fix the damage as soon as possible. All these damages are caused by the absorption of water in the wooden items. If the exposure to the water is prolonged then the damage can become severe. The type of damage and the exposure to water are interdependent.


Features of the wood water damage


When the wood gets damaged by water it becomes wrapped and twisted, these signs of damage are visible and you should try to fix this damage as early as possible. Some other symptoms include discoloration, cracking or splitting up of the wooden items. All these features are visible and you can easily identify the damage to your wooden items and cure this damage. If the damage is hidden or invisible then it can become a serious problem and you can loose your precious items because if mold or other problems get severe then discarding the item is the only solution to the problem.

Identification of the problem

The identification of the problem is not very difficult. The visible signs of mold or mildew growth would help you to identify their presence and you can work for its cure. The items that have been damaged by the mold would have a thin film over them or sometimes dark spots. The wood will contain dips and holes if it has been damaged by water.


Effects of the los angeles water damage to wooden items


The effects of the water damage on wooden items can be classified as,

  • Expensive
  • Expansive

The damaged wooden doors will not be closed properly and the stains and marks of damage can also become permanent on them. The damage to foundations or walls of the house is also a serious problem.



If wood doors are not sealed properly then their wood may rot. In case of floods, heavy rains or other water damaged the wooden doors are damaged by the water and if they are not sealed then the damage can become severe. They must be properly sealed while installation. If your door gets damaged by water then it is not necessary then you must have to replace it. You can repair your water damaged door because wooden things can easily be repaired after the los angeles water damage. The ordinary and slight water damages can be fixed with help of sealant but the severe water damages cannot be fixed with sealant. This is because the damage has been reached to the core of the door and you have to cut off the damaged portion and replace it. Here we would discuss some instructions regarding fixation of water damaged doors through sealant. Severely damaged doors have only one solution i.e. replacement.

Things you will need for the fixation of the water damaged door with sealant are,

  • Chisel
  • Sandpaper(medium grit)
  • Wood epoxy water sealant

Instructions for repairing

Following instructions must be followed while repairing a water damaged door.

Instruction no: 1

Removal of dirt

First of all remove the dirt and dust from the damaged surface. This can be done with help of a chisel. Problem is created if the ground-in dirt will be sealed in the wood. You have to make surface of the door clean and clear from any scrap and debris.

Instruction no: 2

Sand the area

Now use a medium grit sandpaper to sand the area that has been cleaned from dirt and debris. In this way sealant would grip better on the clean surface. Sandpaper can also be used to smooth the damaged surfaces.

Instruction no: 3

Apply the sealant

After this a wood epoxy sealant should be applied on the surface with help of a paint brush. Initially apply a thin coat of the sealant and leave it to dry. Leave it for at least 2-4 hours and then apply another coat and repeat the procedure.

Instruction no: 4

Painting the door

Now after application of sealant to the door, a good exterior latex paint should be coated on the surface. Sanding will also damage the paint of the door so it is advisable to paint the entire door in one color. Good quality paint will repel the water and further los angeles water damage.


If the water has damaged your ceiling then do not worry. It can be fixed and repaired if the damage is not severe. You can easily do it on your own. Here are some DIY tips that will help   you in fixation and repairing of your water damaged ceiling.

Things you will need for this are

  • Towels
  • Ladder
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Screw driver
  • Ceiling paint
  • Tarp
  • Joint compound
  • Buckets
  • Primer


DIY tips for fixation of water damaged ceiling

Your ceiling may be of plaster, drywall or any other material but water can damage it and if you do not fix or repair this damage in time then this damage can become sever. Mold growth takes place and it is not good for your health. Following are some DIY tips to be followed to repair the los angeles water damaged ceiling.


Step 1 – Stopping the Source of Water

First of all you should inspect about the source of water and then try to stop that source from where water is coming and damaging the ceiling. This should be your very first step toward fixation of los angeles water damaged ceiling. Without stopping the source of water, the repairing work cannot proceed.


Step 2 – Drying the Ceiling (Above and Below)

Now you should use the ladder and the towels to dry the ceiling (above and below) so that further repairing can be done. The wet ceiling is not feasible for further fixation. Cover your furniture and floor from tarp so that the repairing process cannot damage them. Drying can be done through the fans or vacuums if towels are not available. If your ceiling is saturated then you have to make it completely dry before the repairing process starts.


Step 3 – Removal of the Damaged Parts of the Ceiling

The loose and bulging parts of the ceiling must be removed so that the repairing process can proceed. You can use putty knife or paint scraper to los angeles water damage removal from parts of ceiling.


Step 4 – Preparation of the Ceiling Surface

With the help of a sand paper you must smooth the uneven surfaces in the ceiling. Big holes in the ceiling must be filled with help of plaster or dry wall sheets. Smaller holes can be filled only with the help of joint compound.


Step 5 – Prime and Paint

Now the last step is to apply a good primer and single or double coats of a ceiling paint. This would help in concealing stains that does not look good on the ceiling after repairing process.


Water Damage and Homes

Flood water can damage many of things especially homes. If water comes to the unwanted places in your homes then precious possessions can be spoiled. With some pre cautionary measures this damage can be avoided or minimized.  Home furniture and carpets can be saved from water damage but electronics sensitive and quickly damaged

Flood water should not be treated lightly, not even if it’s a few inches deep or just damp. This is because for mold breeding, damp and watery places are a like heaven. Mold growth damages the interior of your home in a number of ways. It can ruin the furniture, walls and carpet. More ever it can affect the air quality and consequently respiratory problems arise. So the key to keep your home healthy and clean is preventing it from mold. Here are some basic home remedies for the flooded areas of your home.

Disconnecting Power

First of all power of the home must be disconnected especially if the water level reaches above the sockets. After this the moveable items like furniture carpets and electronic devices must be removed immediately. This immediate removal can help you to protect your valuable items from water damage. The small rugs and the carpets must be pulled up to save them from water. Afterwards the carpets and rugs might be washed easily. The under padding however cannot be saved. This is because of its sponge like nature and high water absorption capacity.

Mopping the Water

After making an attempt to save the physical items and electronics you must think to get rid of water instantly. In this scenario the use of old towels and mops can help you a lot. You can also drain the water through buckets. The extra water can be easily poured into the lawn or any other surface area that is porous. Another device that can help you in soaking the water is wet/dry vacuum. But this vacuum must be plugged into a socket that is not near the water and avoid using extension cords because they can cause a severe shock. To get rid of water as soon as possible is very important because the damp and watery places are best for mold growth.


After mopping up all of the water you should now try to make the affected areas dry. This can be done with the help of fans and dryers and dehumidifiers. If rain has stopped then you must open your windows to let the air in and circulate. This will automatically dry the areas.


After drying is done a good disinfectant must be used in order to get rid of bacteria and germs. Each and every corner of the house must be disinfected including the furniture and the carpets with the help of  los angeles emergency restoration service. This will also help in preventing the mold growth.

Disposing of the Damaged Items

At the end you must pile up the damaged items and try to dispose of them as soon as possible. You can also take these items to the recycling centers.


Mold Removal: by using Natural Methods

Mold growth in homes can be hazardous for health because mold is allergenic and sometimes even toxic.  So it should be removed as soon as possible. There are many ways of cleaning up the mold. Here we would discuss the natural methods to remove the mold from homes. 5 methods are given below,

Method 1: With help of Hydrogen peroxide

Killing the mold with hydrogen peroxide is the effective and safest way as it is nontoxic. For cleaning up you have to fill 3% hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and spray it on to the affected surface. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wipe off the surface. Now enjoy the mold free surface.

Method 2: with help of Tea-tree Oil

Tea tree oil is naturally a fungicide and it is very good option for the removal of black mold. It can be used on all types of surfaces. It is an effective and natural way of mold removal. Mix tea tree oil with water and spray the mixture with help of a spray bottle onto the affected surface. Rinsing off the surface is not necessary.

Method 3: with help of Grapefruit Seed Extract

Grapefruit seed extract is also natural way of mold removal. It is used in a small amount (20 drops on 2 cups of water). Spray this solution and get a mold free surface. Do not rinse off the surface.

Method 4: with help of Vinegar

Vinegar is another natural product that can be used for the cleanup of mold. Saturated pure vinegar is needed to clean the heavy and bigger mold spots and light molds can be cleaned up with the help of diluted vinegar. Vinegar can be used to remove mold even from wood and carpets. The procedure is same for the vinegar as for the other products mentioned above.

Method 5: with help of Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural and effective mold cleaner. It is suitable for both porous and non-porous materials. A mixture of quarter tea spoon and 2 cups of water is made and then sprayed onto the moldy area. Now scrub it with the help of a brush and rinse the area. If mold grows again, then repeat the procedure accordingly.

All above mentioned products are natural and effective for cleaning up of mold from your home. You can use any one of them for removing the allergenic molds anytime but los angeles mold remediation.


Water Damage: Avoiding a Mold Growth

Moisture accumulation is the major cause of mold growth. There are some advantages of molds like it helps in decomposition of organic matter but its disadvantages usually overweigh its merits. Hidden mold is more damaging than the visible one. Mold grows especially on the carpets, floors and backsides of drywalls. Sometimes molds can be toxic but usually it is allergenic and causes respiratory problems. Complete eradication of mold spores is not possible however some steps can be taken in order to prevent homes and buildings from mold growth. Moisture control is the very simple key to solve the problem of mold growth but let us see some more preventer measures.

  • No home can be made mold proof but one can easily identify the areas in which the mold problem is present. If those areas are left unchecked then mold growth can increase rapidly and then your cost of fixing the problem will also rise.
  • Without moisture, it is impossible for mold to grow. So check out the moist places and items of your home and then try to dry these areas and items.
  • Your home or building must be properly ventilated and air circulation through them must be adequate so that the moisture cannot help in mold growth.  Moisture sensitive areas must be dried immediately through los angeles water damage. Do not put wet clothes in washing machines. Try to hang them outside in sunlight and air so that they can be dried. Use an exhaust fan in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Mold resistant products must be used in order to prevent the homes from mole growth. Mole resistant products are drywalls, mod resistant sheetrock and mold inhibitors for paints.
  • Indoor humidity should be maintained at a normal level of 30-60%. Humidity is measured with the help of a moisture meter.
  • Water is collected in the basements of homes and buildings if the slope is not proper between the ground around the home and the foundation of your home.
  • Leaking roofs are also a major cause of the mold growth and leaking roofs must be repaired.
  • If a building or a home is properly ventilated and air circulation is adequate then mold growth can be prevented. 8. Improve air flow in your home.
  • The indoor plants are a major cause of mold growth because their moist soil is the best place for molds to grow. These plants can be kept but with some precautions. The  water you give to your plant must have some amount of taheebo tea that can cause hindrance in mold growth.